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Past Work

Our solutions drive business success for organisations of many shapes and sizes, from disruptive start-ups to multinational corporations.
Below you can find a small sample of projects which kept us busy during the past few years.

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Cross Platform

User Experience Design

We analyze complex situations and suggest novel design solutions through constant qualitative and quantitative analysis in a lean fashion. Such an approach allows our clients improve user engagement and save on development costs.

Software Design

& Development

We solve challenging issues, designing and delivering solid, easily maintainable software architectures. We cross platform borders, ranging from web applications, to things (IoT), to mobile. Our technology stack includes Amazon AWS, Node.JS, .Net, Python, PostgreSQL, InfluxDB, Kubernetes, ELK, CouchDB and many others.


& Consultancy

We offer companies and individuals a chance to get up to par with the tools and the methodologies that we use in our daily work. We offer combined training and consulting, so that participants have a chance to improve their skills while doing their work. A one day course gets work done and saves our clients from weeks of trial and error.


Sharing Our Knowledge

We are frequently invited speakers at conferences and events in the industry across Europe. Since the beginning, we have been sharing our knowledge on user experience design, enterprise web architectures, software engineering, agile development and related topics.

We engage communities of developers, designers and software professionals through speaking, writing and teaching.

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Meet the Team

We are a team of multidisciplinary professionals focused on tackling complex challenges and deliver engaging end-to-end experiences.

Diego Betto Full Stack Developer

Monica Bramuzzi User Experience Designer

Alessandro Bravo Operations Manager

Andrea Cadorin Mobile Developer

Vincenzo Carlino Full Stack Developer

Stefano Casasola Front-End Developer

Maurizio Cecatto Back-End Developer

Andrea Coiutti Front-End Developer

Francesco De Marchi Back-End Developer

Silvia Florio Interaction Designer

Steve Maraspin Managing Partner

Nicola Pressi Front-End Designer

Mauro Rainis Industrial Systems Engineer

Ilaria Scaini Staff Accountant

Stefano Valle Managing Partner

Tiziano Zonta Full-Stack Developer



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